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Betrayal of One’s Family and One’s Country is not only a memoir but also investigative. After Deborah meets to review business contracts with Scott Romney, an international business attorney and eldest brother of Mitt Romney, her family faces unexpected repercussions. The Authors compelling story takes readers on a journey through the world of international import/export businesses running multimillion-dollar deals drawing in the Politburo, America’s elite, Israel, Russia, the KGB, and later the FSB. Readers interested in events occurring today in America, Russia, and Israel will find this book a must read, as top-level political leaders and well-heeled international lawyers cast a shadow in this multilayered story filled with twists and turns. Betrayal of One’s Family and One’s Country is a well-documented insider’s story that can only be told by the people who witnessed and lived through the events.

To understand the subterfuge Deborah and her children faced, she first had to uncover her father’s McCord and Litton families postbellum history in a rural county outside of Nashville, Tennessee and pre-Watergate Era events. The Authors lead readers through a web of complex family relationships and history, as they unravel multi-faceted and nefarious motives acting as a driving force behind the people who ensnared their family.


Betrayal Of One’s Family And One’s Country is now available at Amazon.com  https://www.amazon.com/Betrayal-Ones-Family-Country-ebook/dp/B01KVYMMA0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1472044321&sr=8-1&keywords=Betrayal+of+One%E2%80%99s+Family+and+One%E2%80%99s+Country


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